celthecat – Comic Strip


Celthecat, photographer from the South of France, takes wonderfully colourful and cheerful photos mostly on film. This series she submitted were mainly shot at a supermarket and Céline wrote us a bit more about the main idea of this shoot.

“I’ve photographed model Ornella a bit like a comic hero girl because I grow up surrounded by comics and because I like it when there is a touch oh humour in my work. It’s important to me not taking things too seriously. Also because Ornella makes me think of both – of barbie and of a candy.

I’ve chosen to shoot mainly in a grocery store because of the colors and the repetition of items. 

The styling I did: clothes, bag, patches with messages, and the funny book, reinforce the comic side of the story.”

6-kopie9 2 4 3 1 5-kopie811 7-kopie 10 13


Photography: @celthecat

Model: Ornella V.D

Thank you!

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