Emika Ohta – The Latest Dream I Ever Dreamt


“This is my first film project which explores the idea of sensuality and celebrates the personal collection of vintage lingerie, poetry and hazy / dreamy music that I’m into. Coming up with the character I was inspired by the fairy that appears in John Keats’s ballad ”La Belle Dame sans Merci”. Beautiful, sassy, whimsical and seductive nymphet who entrance and hypnotise her victim.”

Emika Ohta, who studies creative direction for fashion at London College of Fashion, submitted this beautiful short film which is directed, filmed, edited and styled by herself. Starring Mona Cordes Emika has created an original, nostalgic-dreamy and sometimes surreal-looking artwork. The music by Hiro Amamiya gives her video a great, deep atmosphere.

The following are some selected still from Emika’s film.

3 2 1-kopie 5 8 9-kopie 17 21-kopie 22


Directed, filmed, edited & styled by Emika Ohta ☆ IG: @emikaohta

Starring Mona Cordes and her poem ☆ IG: @princess_moona

Music by Hiro Amamiya

Thank you!

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