James Juranke – Somewhere Nowhere


James Juranke, freelance photographer from Melbourne, Australia, has recently sent us this great photo-shoot he took for the independent label Somewhere Nowhere. (perfekt in szene gesetzt) Remarkable are the beautiful look of model Christina Ra and the soft pastel colours of Somewhere Nowhere’s collection and as a contrast the bleak background and abandoned looking surrounding. James took all of these photos on film and Instax Polaroids; and the photo-shoot appears vivid and sporty and it totally seems that it was taken in a good mood. At the end there is also a Polaroid of the team. πŸ™‚

mjuiii_fuji200-6-kopie mjuiii_agfa200-5-kopie mjuiii_agfa200-6-kopie mjuiii_agfa200-1 mjuiii_fuji200-1 mjuiii_fuji200-12 somewhere_nowhere_instax_4 somewhere_nowhere_instax_15 mjuiii_fuji200-19 mjuiii_fuji200-27-kopie mjuiii_fuji200-24 mjuiii_fuji200-31-kopie mjuiii_agfa200-4 somewhere_nowhere_instax_16 mjuiii_fuji200-9 mjuiii_fuji200-5 somewhere_nowhere_instax_18-kopie somewhere_nowhere_instax_6-kopie somewhere_nowhere_instax_19


Photography: James Juranke β˜† IG: @jamesjuranke

Model: Christine Ra

MUA: Jane Wong

Wardrobe: Somewhere Nowhere β˜† IG: @somewherexnowhere

Thank you! β˜†

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