Alina Autumn – Harmony


Harmony of human and nature – the main source of inspiration for me. I strive to create sensual portraits of women which will be reflected by the soul of human. I am inspired by natural beauty of people, nature, cinema, vintage, light, and color.

Dive into a sea full of flowers, take their light, feel their colours.

A beautiful experience is always extraordinary. And a beautiful encounter always stays with you.

Photographer Alina Autumn – what a wonderful name – from Saratov, Russia, sent us a selection of her breathtaking photographs that you can see in this post.

1 9 11 10-kopie 3 8 6 5 7-kopie


Photography: Alina Autumn ☆ IG: @miraclekilly

Models: Lana (photo 1), Marina (photo 2), Liza (photo 3), Masha (photo 4), Nastya (photo 5), Vika (photo 6), Zlata (photo 7), Polly (photo 8), Anna (photo 9), Alina (photo 10)

Thank you! ☆

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