The Dream Queens – Got it All Going for Her


The Dream Queens – that’s the name of the artistic duo and best friends Haley Jensen (photographer) and Olivia North (model). Looking at their work they have submitted it is of course dreamy but comes with a wonderful nostalgia, and a great grungy touch. Haley and Olivia directed, shot and modeled this photo-series called ‘Got it All Going for Her’ on a “Sunday Funday” in San Diego.

Read what they wrote us:

“We are The Dream Queens, a female creative duo based out of California with a focus on raw expression and feminist storytelling. We shoot entirely on film and thoroughly enjoy shooting beautiful females.

We have been shooting together since we were 16 and since this story is shot in our hometown, at one of our favorite smoke spots, we decided to create an homage to our younger selves.  Here is a quote from our website that we used an inspiration: “We’ve been this way forever. It first started in a time where we believed in nothing but saw potential in everything, without vision but full of purpose. We were teenagers, lost, finding ourselves day by day, abandoning all reason together as we explored the world through our unique but similar vision. We found soulmates in each other’s eyes. We wanted to be bigger than ourselves, bigger than the way they see us. We began photographing as a means of capturing the intangible, the rush of aliveness, the sorrow of existence. “  This story is shot both on 35mm, and 120mm using a Diana camera.”


swamis010-kopie swamis017-kopie swamis008 swamis023 swamis013 swamis024-kopie swamis016-kopie


website: The Dream Queens  IG: @thedreamqueens

Photography: Haley Jensen  IG: @thebonegoddess

Model: Olivia North  IG: @olivianorthstar


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