Daydreaming by Lia


To daydream and to forget everything.

To spend a day as you wish and to find yourself.

What if this day would repeat itself again and again?

What if you recognize it one day?

Then you would have a sea of possibilities

What you could do on this day.

A little while back but not too long ago I took this unedited series of 35mm film photos and Polaroids of beautiful Rosa at one of my favourite places – the rose garden.

rosa11-kopie rosa29-kopie rosa27-kopie rosa21-kopie rosa5-edit-kopie rosa23-kopie rosa38-kopie rosa1-edit-kopie rosa28-kopie rosa14-kopie rosa20-kopie rosa13-kopie rosa35-kopie rosa4-edit-kopie rosa25-kopie rosa15-kopie rosa9-edit-kopie


Model: Rosa

Photography: Lia ☆ IG: @la.lia

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