Sojin Park – Tell me what you see and I’ll tell you where I’ll be


Love, love, love the inspiring photo-stories by photographer and stylist Sojin Park. She always shoots on 35mm film and with her Instax camera and the results are just sublime – a nostalgic look, pale, light colours and the models in Sojin’s photographs always have a dreamy expression. Also Sojin styled model Ranma for this series by using vintage clothes from a very old vintage market called GwangJang Market in Seoul, South Korea.

002-kopie 003 014-kopie tell-me-what-you-see-and-ill-tell-you-where-ill-be006 005-kopie 006-kopie 010 011-kopie 013 p002 tell-me-what-you-see-and-ill-tell-you-where-ill-be005 p001 back004-kopie 012-kopie tell-me-what-you-see-and-ill-tell-you-where-ill-be002 tell-me-what-you-see-and-ill-tell-you-where-ill-be010-kopie


Photography & styling: Sojin Park ☆ IG: @jinginso ☆ other IG: @PhotographyJINTumblr

HMUA: Nayeon Kim ☆ IG: @mua_nay

HMUA assistant: Seoyeong Lee ☆ IG: @seoy_makeup

Model: Ranma

Thank you!

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