Bruna Hissae – Luíza


Recently we got this pastel coloured dream of an editorial by Bruna Hissae who is a photographer from São Paulo, Brazil.

Regarding her creative work Bruna wrote:

“Why live in reality if you can live in a movie? Or in your Petit Trianon? A pastel colored escape, the bittersweet and sometimes melancholic youth, the fresh air of roses… That’s what we wanted to bring with this photo-shoot. It’s a portrait of a daydreamer: supposed to be enjoyable, shiny, filled with cake – lots of it – because after all… It’s all like candy!”

5-kopie 4 1-kopie 9-kopie 11 16 13 7-kopie 8-kopie


Photography: Bruna Hissae ☆ IG: @bruna_hissae

Model: Luíza Brando ☆ IG: @bbrandis

Thank you!

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