Tania Apolinar – Covadonga


Tania Apolinar is a Mexican photographer/artist who likes exploring different techniques. She is inspired by the beauty of everyday life and expresses her own definition of femininity and personal freedom by portraying models that are usually “non-models”; in her search to emphasize that every woman is beautiful in their own way.

This beautiful photo-story contains fresh colours, shining flowers and sublime, dreamy collages.

“In this specific story, I met Cova the very same day of the shoot and we went to have some food and developed a really cute chemistry. She’s a free soul just as me and this collaboration is about that – about being free in your own statement whether it is in your style, in your hair or in your work. I shot with a DSRL camera, printed the pictures and intervened in some of them with different materials such as glittery star sequins and color papers, then scanned them to give them a film-esque look. I love pink and flowers and all sort of girly stuff so you’ll see that in my work a lot.”


6-kopie 4-kopie 5-kopie 1 10 3 7 9-kopie 8-kopie


Photography: Tania Apolinar โ˜† IG: @apollenair

Model: Covadonga

Thank you! โ˜†

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