Shannon Hardwick – Wind-Blown


Capturing the wind-swept and rosy melancholy of end of summer blues.

The atmosphere of the sea is always thoughtful and melancholic. The blue wideness inspires you to dream and to stand back from daily life. And you need this distance as time only belongs to you in this moment. And you understand its infinity as well as the infinity of the sea before your eyes.

17-year-old photographer Shannon Hardwick submitted this analogue photo-shoot she took of Kate Miskin.

shan032-26-kopie shan034-33 shan036-28 shan049-41-kopie shan040-30-kopie shan038-34-kopie shan033-27 shan037-35 shan039-31-kopie


Photography: Shannon Hardwick ā˜† IG: @shannon.carol

Model: Kate Miskin

Thanks! ā˜†

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