Daria Amaranth – Visual Story


I like to create mysterious and enigmatic atmospheres in my works, filled with melancholic, disturbing, touching emotions.

Entangled, full of emotion and a dramatic, beautiful representation; romantic outfits in a combination with silent, grey backgrounds. A fairy-tale – like, tranquilizing and thoughtful atmosphere is conspicuous in these photos; a pure haven of nostalgia. We received this artistic photo-selection from Daria Amaranth who is a photographer based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

daria-amaranth-13-kopie daria-amaranth-6 daria-amaranth-12-kopie daria-amaranth-7 daria-amaranth-20-kopie daria-amaranth-26 daria-amaranth-28-kopie daria-amaranth-38 daria-amaranth-11-kopie daria-amaranth-23 daria-amaranth-19-kopie daria-amaranth-17-kopie daria-amaranth-21-kopie daria-amaranth-37-kopie daria-amaranth-39-kopie daria-amaranth-31-kopie daria-amaranth-5-kopie

All photos taken by Daria Amaranth β˜† IG: @daria_amaranth β˜† Facebook

Thank you! β˜†

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