Lucie Delavay – Mathilde


Here we have an extravagant, summery photo-series with much interesting and original ideas, beautifully implemented by photographer Lucie Delavay and model Mathilde Faure. Lucie’s photo-series showcases a friendly holiday-feeling and an all in all relaxed atmosphere. She shot these photos in Barcelona where she is now living and used a Canon EOS with a Fujifilm 200.

28_0031 4_0007 23_0026-kopie 12_0015 14_0017 18_0021 22_0025-2 22_0025 8_0011 31_0034 33_0036-kopie


Photography: Lucie Delavay β˜† IG: @luciedelavay

Model: Mathilde Faure

Thanks! β˜†

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