Mollie Dendle – Veronika


This is an authentic editorial, with a beautiful grungy touch, by London-based self-taught photographer Mollie Dendle. She photographed model Veronika and as a viewer of Mollies photos you can see that she lets the models be who they are in front of the camera – no posing, no artificiality.

I really like the analog, grainy structure that turns out in this photo-set and the white rose is such a wonderful accessory.

With her photo-series Mollie brings brightness and contentment on a grey and rainy day.

002-veronika-by-mollie-dendle-kopie 004-veronika-by-mollie-dendle-kopie 017-veronika-by-mollie-dendle-kopie 010-veronika-by-mollie-dendle-kopie 013-veronika-by-mollie-dendle 012-veronika-by-mollie-dendle 018-veronika-by-mollie-dendle-kopie 024-veronika-by-mollie-dendle 021-veronika-by-mollie-dendle 022-veronika-by-mollie-dendle-kopie 006-veronika-by-mollie-dendle-kopie 009-veronika-by-mollie-dendle


Photography: Mollie Dendle ☆ IG: @molliedendle

Model: Veronika

Thank you!

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