Carly Hunt – Places We Lie


That nostalgic feeling you get when you pass places you’ve been with an ex lover.

Carly Hunt always surprises with new ideas by sending in a new submission. The first series she submitted to G’n’A called ‘IRL not URL’ was about making friends in person and not online – Carly visualized it by strolling around an area and photographing two girls. ‘My Box, Not Yours’ concentrated on different expressions and perspectives and the main idea was that you are the boss of your ‘box’.

Now we received one of her latest shoots – ‘Places We Lie’. It is vivid and especially a beautiful coloured series and it is shot on 35mm film as always.

69630003-kopie 69630008 69630007-kopie 69630013-kopie 69630019 69630025 69630033 69630036-kopie 69630032-kopie 69630035-kopie 69630026-kopie


Photography: Carly Hunt β˜† IG: @crybbcarly

Models: Kyla Huck & Mariah DeDood

Thanks! β˜†

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