Viktorija Banda – Beauty


Beautiful is everything that comes from the inside and from your heart.

Beauty is nature.

Everything that I love I do with my heart so it’s beautiful because it makes me happy and I believe in that!

Viktorija Banda is an artist from Bosnia & Herzegovina. She submitted this authentic and beautiful photo-shoot she took of her sister Suncica Banda who is her main inspiration and – model. Viktorija herself and her sister love artistic photographs as well as fashion and they always want to develop further their creative concepts.

F1210025 F1190002 F1190004 F1210034 F1210032 F1190008 F1000007 F1000010 F1000008 F1210024 F1210035 F1210027 F1210026 F1000012


Photography: Viktorija Banda IG: @viktorijabanda

Model: Suncica Banda

Thank you!

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