Arantza – The Dream Club


This creative editorial, we got from twenty-year-old artist Arantza, makes just a good mood by looking at all the colourful photos. There is so much love for detail – underlined by an original, cheerful look and the super-natural facial expressions of all models.

‘The Dream Club’ that’s how my most recent photography series is titled.
It is inspired by us, the girls from the 2000’s, when we were 13 and everything revolved around our friendships, our first encounter with makeup (yeah, because we used to call make up every glitter and colorful palette), laughs, crafts and strange outfit combinations we used to do. Oh, and how can we forget how boys used to make us feel (so why should we lie to ourselves, it is in that age when suddenly we start to see them differently, they start to seem cute to us).

I tried to capture the closest to those memories, girls with a natural look… like those girls you find in the street but that’s about it, imperfect girls (because in that age acne is your worst enemy and braces take over your mouth).”


1 2 34a 5 6 710 9 14 16 15 17 18 20 21 22 23 24


Photography: Arantza ☆ IG: @queridarantza

Thank you!

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