Caroline Wong – Fragility Of Love

LOOK 1 Kopie

dress Desiree Slabik

“I recently shot an editorial together with a few of my fellow creative friends. It’s titled “Fragility of Love” as this was the inspiration for this series. Exploring that idea, the stylist and I came up with the character of a jilted bride who’s been left by her lover.”

Words by Caroline Wong who photographed and submitted this beautiful editorial and especially dreamy editorial.

LOOK 2_2 Kopie
bra stylist’s own; mesh top Navy; lace camisole vintage; trousers Phoebe Smith

LOOK 3 Kopie
mesh dress Miss Patina; fishnet tights model’s own; socks Topshop; slip dress Zara; choker stylist’s own

LOOK 4 Kopie
shirt Phoebe Smith; skirt Zara; shoes Topshop

LOOK 5_1
shirt/trousers JH.Zane; fishnets models’s own; choker stylist’s own

LOOK 5_2 Kopie
LOOK 6 Kopie
dress Yuki Haze; fishnets model’s own; boots: Topshop

LOOK 7 Kopie
mesh shirt Phoebe Smith; bra stylist’s own; fishnets model’s own

LOOK 8 KopieLOOK 9
Photography: Caroline Wong; β˜† IG: @07cwong
Model: Jasmine Rubin @ Leni’s Models
Styling: Emily Hullah

Thank you! β˜†

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