Chih-han Yang x ALEX S. YU – Being Lonely Alone


Shadow on the wall. Shadow in your live.

Rememberings stay in your head too long.

They grab you. They rob your mind.

To run away is useless. To run away usually doesn’t make sense.

Shadow in your live does not disappear on its own.

(Words by Nalie)

This wonderful editorial is modeled and photographed by Chih-han Yang. The photos look very authentic and they have a unique style created by Alex S. Yu. All photos were taken on 35mm film.

alexsyuchihhan8 Kopiealexsyuchihhan4alexsyuchihhan5 Kopiealexsyuchihhan10alexsyuchihhan12 Kopiealexsyuchihhan3alexsyuchihhan9alexsyuchihhan2 Kopiealexsyuchihhan1alexsyuchihhan11alexsyuchihhan6 Kopie


Photography / Make-up / Model: Chih-han Yang ☆ IG: @chihhanyangw

Stylist: Alex S. Yu ☆ IG: @alex s.yu

Thank you! ☆

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