Alberto Martín de Ruedas – Late August, Early September

--5.6-- Kopie

”Soon we shall plunge into the cold darkness;
Farewell, vivid brightness of our short-lived summers!
Already I hear the dismal sound of firewood
Falling with a clatter on the courtyard pavements.
Yesterday was summer; here is autumn
That mysterious noise sounds like a departure.”

(Ch. Baudelaire – ‘Autumn Song’)

There exists an artful harmony and especially – aesthetic in the photographs by Alberto Martín de Ruedas. The scenery or background are almost always different and by following his works (on Instagram @alberto.mdr) you will always be surprised which other photo will be added.

Different, beautifully natural and with much feeling are the expressions of the models. All of Alberto’s photos are taken on 35mm film, are unedited and, as you will recognize, every picture has its own characteristic and flair.

‘Late August, Early September’ – as this series of photos is called – shines in different lights and nuances including silent, golden sun-light of late summer.

--5.5-- Kopie --3-- Kopie --1-- --8-- --4-- --7-- Kopie --9-- --2.4-- Kopie --7.5- --22--

Photography & poem-selection by Alberto Martín de Ruedas ☆ IG: @alberto.mdr


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