Alyssa Vaphiades – Ann


This photo-series by Alyssa Vaphiades impresses by wonderful, powerful colours and a quite dreamy expression of model Ann.

Alyssa wrote us:

“The vibe I was going for was retro/neon/pink vibes. I shot at Birmingham, AL’s historical Carver Theatre and it was incredible. Birmingham has so much history and beauty and I think this theatre perfect reflects that.”

1Y9A9508 Kopie1Y9A97371Y9A9648 Kopie1Y9A92281Y9A90991Y9A93941Y9A9685 Kopie1Y9A9454 Kopie1Y9A9114 Kopie1Y9A9333 Kopie


Photography: Alyssa Vaphiades@alyssarosev

Thank you!

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