Peter Porfiri – Mire

2 Kopie

Peter Porfiri is a 19 years old photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His submitted photo-series ‘Mire’ is wonderfully grungy and showcases different moods and expressions of each model. The whole series was shot on 35mm film which emphasizes the great nostalgic look that can be found in every photo.

“With this photos I wanted to de-contextualize the models from any specific space to create a new atmosphere. Purple tones and trash. The way of the looks of the models are totally different and I wanted to play with that impact. Everyone has their way to stand up in front of a camera.”


4 Kopie 1 Kopie 3 Kopie 6 Kopie 5 Kopie 7 Kopie 8 Kopie

All photos taken by: Peter Porfiri ā˜† IG: @peterporf

Thank you! ā˜†

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