Holy Golden – Foxglove

Valenti - Foxglove - 1 Kopie

“These photos capture the illuminated magic at the end of a summer’s day. The glow between the tree branches, the vibrant colors, and the sense that for a moment, time pauses”

Dreaminess combined with a strong expression, beautiful colour tones and a change of golden-looking sunlight and hazy shadow – some characteristics of the newest photo-story ‘Foxglove’ by the two creatives Leslie Schott and Andrew Valenti. Except writing songs and playing music in their band Holy Golden they also create wonderful, often nostalgic-looking photo-stories. Do you still remember their first feature here on Grunge’n’Art? They submitted the series ‘On Provencal Road’.

This series were taken in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on a collection of 35mm film cameras.

Valenti - Foxglove - 2 Valenti - Foxglove - 3 Valenti - Foxglove - 4 Valenti - Foxglove - 7 Kopie Valenti - Foxglove - 9 Valenti - Foxglove - 5 Valenti -Foxglove- 6 Valenti - Foxglove - 8 Kopie


Photography: Andrew Valenti ☆ IG: @thespacecrusader

Model: Leslie Schott ☆ IG: @holygoldenmusic

Wardrobe: dress Vintage Jill Stuart; beige sweater handmade embroidered wool sweater – model’s Mothers; light pink sweater Vintage Art-Deco Angora sweater with Bakelite beads- model’s own

Band: Holy Golden ☆ IG: @holygoldenmusic

Thank you!

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