Maria Grazia Mormando – The Angel On The Stairs

IMG_20160804_0003 copia Kopie

You can meet on angel everywhere. Just have a look around! You are always attended by an unseen world. Look exactly and you will discover this world.  Like a angel on the stairs.

‘The Angel On The Stairs’ is also the name of this wonderful editorial by Maria Grazia Mormando. Dramatic and beautiful, very unusual and intelligent. This is a photo-series that tells us an exciting.

IMG_20160804_0003 copia 3IMG_20160804_0001 copia copia KopieIMG_20160804_0002 copia 2 KopieIMG_20160804_0002 copia 3 KopieIMG_20160804_0002 copia 5 KopieIMG_20160804_0002 copia KopieIMG_20160804_0002 copia 4IMG_20160804_0003 copia 4 Kopie


Photography: Maria Grazia Mormando ☆ IG: @mariagraziamormando

Model: Camilla Dobrovich @ Zoe models

Wardrobe: ASPECIFICO Atelier by Myriam B. (Roma), La Perla, MAX&Co

Wings: Maria Grazia Mormando

Thank you!

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