Jeremy Davis – Eliza, Kayla & Grace


So go out and dream on your dreams! Because they want to come true. Like the clear air outside, like tender flowers that enjoy the sun. Because your dreams are always unique.

A summery atmosphere, much colours and a dreaminess combined with nostalgic/ dope styling brings you this latest photo-series by Jeremy Davis. Beautifully modeled by Eliza, Kayla and Grace.

kaylanew_0286 Kopie grace_0086 Kopie neweliza_0443 Kopie grace_0235 grace_0024 Kopie kayla_0327 eliza_0509 eliza_0567 kaylanew_0346 Kopie


Photography & styling: Jeremy Davis ☆ IG: @jeremyxdavis

Models: Eliza, Kayla & Grace

Thank you!

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