Lourdes Maseda x Iulka – Lazy Morning

_MG_4148-24 Kopie

Julia Alejandra from Argentina is the founder and designer of ‘IULKA’ She is a fashion-designer and a very creative person. Here is a beautiful photo-series by photographer Lourdes Maseda showcasing the latest collection by IULKA.

The photos look dreamy and romantic. Photographer Lourdes Maseda has taken handsome and aesthetic pictures with much soft blue light and a relaxed feeling.

_MG_4018-18 Kopie_MG_3708-6 Kopie_MG_4494-37_MG_4380-31 Kopie_MG_4247-28 Kopie_MG_3765-8 Kopie_MG_4109-22_MG_4196-26


Photography: Lourdes Maseda ☆ IG: @lulu.rio

Model: Nazarena Ninel Romanelli

Wardrobe: IULKA ☆ IG:  @iulkagamFacebook

Thank you!  

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