Harriet Donovan – Rosa

CNV00009-2 Kopie

I like  flowers. Especially roses. They carry a contradiction in them. Tender and soft and fragrant. Yet at the same time they are thorny. That goes together perfectly with Grunge, where contrasts are welcome. The contrast that has something special. Like wonderful flowers that are aculeate. Like this photo shoot with many different elements which are combined well together.

Photographer Harriet Donovan wrote: “This shoot took place with a friend Rosa. We went around the rose bushes near where we live; it was pouring with rain but still warm so we didn’t care”.

All photos are analog on a roll of Kodak Portra 400.

CNV00032-2 KopieUntitled3UntitledCNV00025-2CNV00030-2CNV00027-2CNV00020-3CNV00023-2 KopieCNV00031-2 KopieCNV00014-2 Kopie


Photography: Harriet Donovan ☆ IG: @ladyslobberinFacebook

Model: Rosa

Thank you! ☆

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