Mimi Nguyen – 60s Dream Girl

image8 Kopie

Dreamy, lost in thought and with a originally created nostalgic appearance comes this colourful photo-story we received from Kristina Elle who is a fashion stylist from Austin, Texas. Beautifully photographed by Mimi Nguyen, with a sparkling make-up by Alice Giacconi and modeled by Kaylee Johnson.

“I’ve always loved Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and wanted to explore the theme of duality in the perspective of a young girl in the 60s.
Jekyll asserts that “man is not truly one, but truly two,” and he imagines the human soul as the battleground for an “angel” and a “fiend,” each struggling for mastery. In England during the early to mid 1960s, mods often engaged in brawls with rockers, which would be her “fiend” side. On the other hand, hippies embraced the old slogan of free love where love exists to be shared freely which would be her “angel” side.”

image1 Kopie image3 Kopie image4 image5 image6 image7


Photography: Mimi Nguyen ☆ IG: @mimi.win

Styling: Kristina Elle ☆ IG: @cybr.grl

HMUA: Alice Giacconi ☆ IG: @witchxxdoctor

Model: Kaylee Johnson ☆ IG: @kayleejohnsonx


One response to “Mimi Nguyen – 60s Dream Girl

  1. Hi Mimi.
    My name is Shaggy, I’m 56 years old,
    Born in San Francisco, November 19,
    1965. Do u think ud b the right woman 4 me? We can at least b friends. I think about the 70s everyday. Please respond, love Shaggy Xoxoxo


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