Kayt Silvers – Monday’s Right

Kayt-Silvers-Mondays1 Kopie

It does not matter  where you are. It does not matter  what you do. Be yourself. As in this photo-series by Kayt Silvers.

“Clara and I have worked together many times, so even when we do something unplanned, things just tend to work out. I’d stopped by her apartment one afternoon to chat, and we decided to kill time and grab a few simple spontaneous shots while we walked around the block. Then she climbed into a shopping cart. “



Kayt-Silvers-Mondays9 KopieKayt-Silvers-Mondays7 KopieKayt-Silvers-Mondays8Kayt-Silvers-Mondays4Kayt-Silvers-Mondays5 KopieKayt-Silvers-Mondays2 Kopie

Kayt-Silvers-Mondays6 KopieKayt-Silvers-Mondays11


Photography: Kayt Silvers ☆ IG: @silversandbynes ☆ Facebook

Model: Clara Rose Ulken @ Maggie Inc

Thank you!

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