Nicola Rehbein – Avanya

DSC_5922 Kopie

It is  flashy, it is colrful, it is grungy. Graffiti, blue color, plateau shoes and many contrasts -all in all this photo-series by Nicola Rehbein looks stunning and cheeky. It is as it wants to say – ‘Don’t concentrate on usual things!’ Yes, do something else! And have fun with it!

DSC_5828 KopieDSC_5999DSC_5968 KopieDSC_5860DSC_5902DSC_5936DSC_5867 KopieDSC_5910 Kopie


Photography: Nicola Rehbein ☆ IG: @nicolarehbein ☆ Facebook

Model: Avanya Tonks

HMUA: Julia Firefly 

Styling: Masha Schubbach 

Wardrobe: Indyanna

Thank you!

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