Julia Sudarchikova – Olya

_MG_2501 Kopie

This is such a beautiful, expressive and light coloured photo-story. Captured by the young artist Julia Sudarchikova from Kiev, Ukraine, this story showcases a light-hearted atmosphere. Olya Ivasiv is the model and Julia found her through Instagram and wrote that “Olya is very feminine and girlish and I like her style so I wanted to show her femininity through the photography”.

_MG_2364 Kopie _MG_2508 Kopie _MG_2511 Kopie _MG_2663 _MG_2740 Kopie _MG_2762 _MG_2597 _MG_2805 _MG_2791 _MG_2782 _MG_2530 Kopie _MG_2496 _MG_2464 _MG_2417 _MG_2599 _MG_2547 Kopie


Photography: Julia Sudarchikova ☆ IG: @sommerhommerTumblr

Model: Olya Ivasiv ☆ IG: @olyaivasiv___

Thank you!

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