Sergio Lins – Magic Polaroids

In this post awaits you an impressive, kinda magical selection of Polaroids taken by Sergio Lins from Brazil. ☆

Polaroids became my obsession since I first watched Memento by the amazing Christopher Nolan. Since then I delve myself within the instant photography world. Bought my SX-70 and began shooting. That was my first step into photography.

Afterwards I started looking for a style which suited me best.
I found myself in love with melancholic and subtle images. Tender and soft lights became a must!
So I actually began learning photography. Techniques, gear and stuff. This goes on for 4-5 years now.
I am 24 years old and Brazilian. I have no grad whatsoever in photography or arts. In fact I am a mechanical engineer finishing up my grad in materials engineering and next September beginning another grad in archaeometry. Well, that’s me. Always trying to learn and discover new stuff.
Alongside my undergrad and grad I dedicated A LOT of time into photography. Studied and tried to improve the most I could. I don’t know what else to say about myself. All I know is photography and Polaroids are my definite passion.”

ghost dreams
‘Ghost Dream’

“Ghost Dream was intentionally blurred in order to hide the model features. The bright light and blown highlights tries to transmit a dreamy atmosphere alongside the models thoughtful expression. As if in mid-dream the model thoughts seems lost, which adds to the blur effect convincing the viewer to enter that dream and share the thoughts of the model, questioning what is happening within that frame.”

portrait E Kopie

‘Portrait E’

“Portrait E is a favorite, representing tenderness and love in a subtle way. Inviting the viewer to find more about what is happening and despite keeping him/her away from the subjects, creating a gentle atmosphere involving them all.”

Models: @ritando and @saviebarbara.



“Moonlight transpires a melancholic and sad atmosphere. Placing the subject into direct moonlight, the models reflexive expression invites the viewer into her thoughtful yet mysterious grasps.”

Model: @vdbalbom

study #3 Kopie

‘Study #3’

“Study is a 4 photographs series involving books and knowledge transmitted by the old-looking ambiance. The model transmits peace and tenderness (especially in study #3) in which the viewer don’t get curious about the reading nor the book, instead he/she rest his/her eyes upon the model observing her reading standing outside of the frame in literally an observer position creating some affection for the character. Study #2 transmits the same feeling and study #4, the last of the series creates a direct contact with the viewer. There is no book been read, instead they are all standing in the shelves on the background. This photograph transmits a more intense contact between the viewer and the character/model.”

Model: @mclaep

blur Kopie


study #2 Kopie

‘Study #2’

woods #4 Kopie

‘Woods #4’

“Woods #4 is part of a 5-photo series. My favorites are woods #4 and woods #3. I haven’t send woods #3 for it contains nudity and is not accepted by the website. Woods tries to place the viewer amongst angels. Two angels looking for each other while lost in the vastness of the world, one looking down more attached to earth and the other one more thoughtful, looking up the skies.”

Models: @saviebarbara & @haydeelimal



write me #1

‘Write Me’

“Write Me is another favorite, which describes as the title says: A Character yet to be written. The typewriter faces the viewer as if he/she were typing the story. The fabric involving the model represents the paper into which the story is written, hiding the characters face which is not yet defined by the writer (viewer). It can be anyone.”

Model: @vdbalbom

study #4 Kopie

‘Study #4’

All photos were taken by: Sergio Lins ☆ IG: @typeinstant ☆ Tumblr

Many thanks!

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