Debora Di Donato – The Night of Desirable Objects


“This is a story about two guys at the amusement park, a world full of lights and a little bit surreal, in which they are completely immersed.”

Glitter-world is a semblance – another world.

All shines, all sparkles, all fascination. Unfortunately, this world doesn’t shine forever.

Pescara, Italy, based photographer Debora Di Donato sent us this shining, colourful photo-story that has such an expressive appearance.

2 Kopie 3 4 5 6 Kopie 7 Kopie 8 9 Kopie 10 11 12 13 Kopie


Photography: Debora Di Donato ☆ IG: @vellutoblueFacebook

Models: Elena S. Bocaneala ☆ IG: @ellylusha & Daniele Provenda ☆ IG: @bazarbaq

MUA: Desirè Matani ☆ IG: @desirematani_mua

Thank you!

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