Rosie Foster – Hannah

CNV00035 Kopie

Skin can also look like an impressive artwork – like of Hannah Pixie Snowdon who is a talented dot work tattoo artist based in Sheffield, UK. Hannah creates her art-tattoos by herself and is the owner of her own tattoo shop called Black Stabbath. Hannah’s opinion regarding art is – everyone has an own vision of something, art is subjective.

This stunning photo-series of Hannah took photographer Rosie Foster, who is currently based in Cornwall, and her photos turned out – as always – wonderfully natural, are all captured on 35mm film and always stay un-retouched. – Just one of the reasons why her photographic works appear so beautifully authentic and look all in all harmonically.

Hannah herself wrote in an Instagram post that Rosie “just letting the girls be who they want to be in front of the camera. She said that she always photographs girls which stand out to her particularly for a different kind of beauty, girls who have something that shines through amongst the false perception world of lies we appear to be living in.”

Isn’t that just the best way to photograph someone? Scroll down and be impressed.

CNV00027 KopieCNV00045 Kopie CNV00129 Kopie  CNV00151 KopieCNV00132 Kopie CNV00058 Kopie CNV00081 Kopie CNV00048 KopieCNV00117 Kopie CNV00070 Kopie CNV00097 Kopie  CNV00090 KopieCNV00127 Kopie CNV00161 Kopie CNV00075 Kopie CNV00076 Kopie CNV00012 Kopie CNV00024 Kopie


Photography: Rosie Foster ☆ IG: @rcafoster

Model: Hannah Pixie Snowdon ☆ IG: @hannahpixiesnow

Wardrobe: Studio B Intimates, Lauren Jessica Lingerie, Peach Trail

Thank you!

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