Victoria Salomonsen x A Shop of Things – Louise

IMG_3381 Kopie

For this beautiful editorial the young Copenhagen based photographer Victoria Salomonsen collaborated with the independent store A Shop of Things and created a bright coloured, fresh-looking, photo-story. Enjoy!

“A Shop of Things is composed of two of us with a passion for making cute crafts- me, Mia Calotta, and my business partner Gionna Forte. As the main curator and photographer for our Instagram, I find it a full time job and it can be exhausting to always have to be inventive and creative in taking new photos of products. Victoria connected with us via Instagram and Gionna and I were immediately captivated by her perspective and skill and thus a collaboration was born. Victoria re-imagined all of our products and shot them in a way that girls could rock them in real life. Through this experience it was fun making a new (international) friend and I’m glad she was inspired by the things we make because I’m inspired by her!”

IMG_3494 Kopie IMG_3525 IMG_3566IMG_3524  IMG_3447 kopi Kopie IMG_3465 IMG_3393 kopi Kopie


Photography: Victoria Salomonsen ☆ IG: @victoriasalomonsen

Model: Louise Cehofski

MUA: Line Sara Heiberg

Wardrobe: A Shop of Things ☆ IG: @shopofthings

Thank you!

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