Lucie Delavay – Montjuic Swim

00260023 Kopie

Swimming underwater feels like flying. Swimming underwater feels like weightlessness. Lucie Delavay has convey this feeling in her latest editorial. For this photo-series she has used a waterproof disposable camera as well as her Olympus MJU II.

It is as if the water contains a memory of joy. Water gives a feeling of freedom; freedom and levity. This is a beautiful condition.

00280018 Kopie00280014 Kopie00260019 Kopie00260014 Kopie00280010 Kopie00250003 Kopie00260018 Kopie00280025 Kopie00250026 Kopie00250023 Kopie00260001 Kopie


Photography: Lucie Delavay ☆ IG: @luciedelavay

Models: Sonia Florie & Jessica


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