Agostina Maria Sol – Little Trouble Girl

1 Kopie

“The pictures tell the story of a trash girl, who feels a lot inside but she can’t said much. She lives in the city, so she walks around with her music and goes to funny places where she doesn’t feel so lonely.”

I am a huge fan of photographs that are dived into a powerful light. Agostina Maria Sol who is an art student from Argentina took such great snapshots of Camila Gutierrez Godi in this photo-series she has recently submitted to us. The photo-story is called ‘Little Trouble Girl’ like the song by Sonic Youth; so enjoy looking at the whole set and you can listen to the song while slowly scrolling down. 🙂

2 Kopie 3 Kopie 4 5 6


Photography: Agostina Maria Sol ☆ IG: @agostinamariasol ☆ Facebook

Model: Camila Gutierrez Godi

Thank you! ☆

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