Kristy Benjamin – A Rose and a Baby Ruth

A180300-R1-15A Kopie

Always when we get a submission-email from Kristy Benjamin we know it is going to be great. Like this summery photo-story. As always she has taken all the pictures with an analogue camera which underlines her refreshing and original styling-creations perfectly. Her photos always have something nostalgic combined with a beautiful, casual touch.

A180100-R1-7A Kopie

Mickey sweatshirt stylist’s own; 90s floral romper Courtesy of Black Lodge Vintage

A180600-R1-5 A180300-R1-8A Kopie

Metallica tee stylist’s own; jeans Whatever NBD; floral creepers T.U.K.

A180300-R1-19A  A180400-R1-9A KopieA180400-R1-12A Kopie A180600-R1-33 A180100-R1-4A Kopie A180300-R1-0A A180600-R1-10 Kopie

dress Courtesy of Black Lodge Vintage

A180600-R1-27 A180400-R1-14A

dress Courtesy of Black Lodge Vintage; metallic boots T.U.K.

A180400-R1-2A Kopie


Photography & styling: Kristy Benjamin ☆ IG: @nbdkb

Model: Ruth @ Willow Models

Also by Kristy: ‘Tamara’ and ‘There’s Something About Mary’

Thank you!

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