Maria Agustina – Mystery


“I started taking pictures at the age of 16, experiencing with my own digital camera and then proceeded with analog format and overlays.
I really like to intervene my photos and give them a unique taste. I also enjoy working with myself, and creating different types of lugubrious/mysterious looks.”

Sublime, powerful colours and a surreal, mysterious but totally beautiful look have the artworks by Maria Agustina who is self-taught artist based in Argentina.

agustinaxmarialuna Kopie agustinaxmaria10 agustinaxmarialabios Kopie agustinaxmariaN agustinaxmariarequiemforjuicy agustinaxmariaroses cielo ofelia Kopie

All pictures taken by Maria Agustina ☆ IG: @agustinaxmariaTumblrFlickr


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