Rhiannon Purves – Virgin Suicides

1 Kopie

I’m absolutely in love with this Virgin Suicides inspired photo-series photographed and styled by the Wellington, New Zealand, based photographer Rhiannon Purves. All of these wonderfully dreamy, slightly melancholic pictures were captured on 35mm film which gives them this typical grainy and hazy look. The pastel coloured dresses are all from Recycle Boutique in Wellington. Dream, dream and dream on by scrolling down and watch the full series.

3 Kopie 2 Kopie 4 Kopie 5 Kopie 20 Kopie 26 Kopie 22 Kopie 24 Kopie 29 Kopie 28 Kopie 30 Kopie 31 Kopie 32 Kopie 34 Kopie 33 Kopie 35 Kopie


Photography: Rhiannon Purves β˜† IG: @rhiarhiarhi

Models: Islay Payne @ Kirsty Bunny Management, Faye Nielsen @ Kirsty Bunny Management, Red11, Chadwick Models Australia, Ella Murphy @ Kirsty Bunny Management @ 62models, Maddy Mossman @ Kirsty Bunny Management @ Red11

Wardrobe: Recycle Boutique Wellington

Also by Rhiannon: ‘FLOWERCHILD’

Thank you! β˜†

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