Jesse Dvorak – In Between Daze

In Between Daze trailer.00_00_36_13.Still022 Kopie

“Life is made of the moments in between… grow up, and forget them forever.”

Firstly, the trailer:

There is such an artful power in the short film ‘In Between Daze’, written, filmed, directed and edited by Los Angeles based filmmaker and creative director Jesse Dvorak, that let all those pictures, words and sounds stay in your mind after watching. Starring Nicole Prokes, Jess Aurell and Alex Smith they represent their three different roles wonderfully authentic. It’s an honor for us to share Jesse’s short film as well as the film trailer and photo-stills from the film here on Grunge’n’Art with you; and that he wrote us this:

“I grew up in the 80s and 90s, and your site really inspired a lot of nostalgia for me, and got me interested in that as a subject matter for this film. So, this really was a chance for me to explore those feelings and so much of the content you create/curate has helped in that process.”

Nicole, Jess and Alex were styled by Dana Camille Menard and got make-up by Erin M. Wong – all in a pretty nostalgic, early 90s look which in our opinion is timeless.

Now dive into ‘In Between Daze’. Enjoy!

A selection of scene stills from the film is following. ☆

In Between Daze v2.1.00_00_08_10.Still039 Kopie In Between Daze v2.1.00_01_26_22.Still041 In Between Daze v2.1.00_01_29_11.Still042In Between Daze v2.1.00_01_37_15.Still043In Between Daze v2.1.00_02_00_04.Still044
In Between Daze v2.1.00_02_35_00.Still045 In Between Daze v2.1.00_03_40_08.Still047 Kopie

In Between Daze v2.1.00_04_22_05.Still049 Kopie In Between Daze v2.1.00_04_45_19.Still051
In Between Daze v2.1.00_04_57_20.Still053 In Between Daze v2.1.00_05_00_18.Still054
In Between Daze v2.1.00_05_27_05.Still055 In Between Daze v2.1.00_05_42_12.Still058 Kopie

In Between Daze v2.1.00_07_06_14.Still056 In Between Daze v2.1.00_06_43_08.Still063

In Between Daze v2.1.00_06_20_23.Still062 Kopie In Between Daze v2.1.00_06_13_07.Still059

In Between Daze v2.1.00_07_27_21.Still065In Between Daze v2.1.00_08_25_07.Still068 Kopie In Between Daze v2.1.00_09_23_09.Still069In Between Daze v2.1.00_10_48_05.Still071 In Between Daze v2.1.00_13_10_11.Still077In Between Daze v2.1.00_11_04_17.Still073 Kopie In Between Daze v2.1.00_12_23_21.Still076 Kopie

In Between Daze v2.1.00_11_26_21.Still075 In Between Daze v2.1.00_13_25_21.Still079

In Between Daze v2.1.00_13_38_02.Still080

And some Polaroids in a beautiful blue light. The Polaroids were taken by Nicole and Jess while Jesse was filming.

IBD 4 Kopie IBD 9 Kopie

IBD 10 IBD 12
IBD 11 Kopie2 IBD Kopie2



Film – written, directed, filmed & edited by: Jesse Dvorak ☆ IG: @jessedvorakFacebookTumblrVimeo

Starring: Nicole Prokes, Jess Aurell & Alex Smith

Styling: Dana Camille Menard

MUA: Erin M. Wong

With thanks to: Junk4Joy Vintage, Foster’s Old Fashion Freeze, Sons of Summer & and all the incredible bands that gave permission to use their music

Many thanks!

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