Inês Marinho – Walk In The Park

inesmarinho3 Kopie

“This editorial is about the relationship between the human being and nature.

The photos were shot in black and white impossible film on a Polaroid.”

Inês Marinho is a Portugese photographer, currently based in Madrid. For this beautiful Polaroid-series she was inspired by a poem written by Alberto Caeiro:

“I enjoy the fields when I’m not looking at them.

You ask me why I enjoy them.

Because I enjoy them is my answer.

Enjoying a flower is being right next to it unconsciously

And having a notion of its perfume in your very dim ideas.

When I look, I don’t enjoy: I see.

I shut my eyes, and my body, which is in the grass,

Belongs entirely to the exterior of someone shutting their eyes —

To the fresh hardness of the fragrant bumpy earth;

And something of the indistinct noises of things existing,

And only a red shadow of the light heavy in my sockets,

And only a remainder of life is listening.”

inesmarinho1 Kopie inesmarinho4 inesmarinho6 inesmarinho7 inesmarinho2 inesmarinho5 Kopie


Photography: Inês Marinho ☆ IG: @inesmarinho_

Model: Marta @ The Cool Models Management – Madrid

Styling: Nina Fernandez

HMUA: Isa Lage

Assistants: Jenny Peñas & Lucas Reis Mefano


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