Bobby Prom x Cara Bloom – 90s Shoot


This superb, colourful photo-story was captured by Bobby Prom entirely on film. He worked together with his stylist friend Cara Bloom who created this eye-catching, original styling full of 90s vintage pieces. It just makes a good mood looking at this editorial, right? 🙂

bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-000032240009 bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-000032240011 Kopie bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-000032240024 bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-000032250017 bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-000032250006 bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-000032250018bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-000032250027 bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-000032250036 Kopie bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-000032260001 bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-000032260003 bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-000032260022 bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-000032280026 bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-000032270004 bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-00 bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-000032270026 bobbyprom-hannahridgeway-000032260028 Kopie


Photography: Bobby Prom ☆ IG: @bobbyprom

Styling: Cara Bloom@carathebloomTumblrFacebook

Model: Hannah Ridgeway

Thank you!

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