Britt Grimm – A Fairy Tale

WeWouldNeverSeeEyeToEye Kopie

Finally, we can share a photo-selection by the talented Britt Grimm here on Grunge’n’Art with you. Looking at her enchanting and always filled with dreaminess Polaroids is such a visual pleasure. – It is like if her works transform you to another universe full of magic and with wonderful, sometimes surreal looking colours. Take your time for this post, let her artworks impact on you and dive into her created fairy tale.

“My name is Britt Grimm, and if I lived in a fairy tale, (and believe me, I do), it would very much be a Grimm style fairy tale, where the skies are dark and whispering grey promises, and no one saves you at the end of the day (or week, year, life…) But I am addicted to pretending. I went to rehab to try to kick the habit of thoughts of bunny rabbits and unicorns, but here I am, still hoping for a rainbow after these sad clouds pass and finally let me see the sun – if there really is one…? But suns are stars, and stars die, just like my father, who started teaching me photography when I was six years old. I remember his face as safety-light red, I can still smell those sweet chemicals if I close my eyes, and I usually do. So they carried daddy away in a wooden box and I inherited his cameras and lenses, his filters for when the kids at school were all too cruel. And I decided I would live in a world of my own; I laid in the backyard and named the stars before I found out they already had names. Well, to hell with school books and the lack of talking deer outside my window. The brightest star in Scorpio is called Anastasia, not Antares, and sometimes I am a triplet when I have a birthday party and no one shows. No one wins at tic-tac-toe and seeds in closets never grow. But look at the girls that have come to play, look at the swing set, the way the cold wind makes them sway and invites me to slide and swing in the rain. Sometimes I will even dance, if the garden hasn’t grown too much pain that day. 

AndThenILostYou Kopie WhiskeyAndGuitars

“I was born in Florida. When they called me an adult, I called a taxi and rode all the way to the city of angels. I flew from North Hollywood to Echo Park, but I never found any red lights for safety in the dark. So I am counting to ten in Tennessee, and when it is my turn to hide, I hope they never find me. I play a cheap guitar and I sing the most hopeless sort of songs. I  make pictures of the girls in my head, and like I said, I still hope for rainbows, and that one day my ghost of a horse will show me his hidden horn.

BareBlues LikewiseImNotSure Kopie emergence Kopie playmates2 SpectraElectra Fairest Kopie SheAppearsWhenIFear finalHail fawnedOfYou radioLiveTransmission

“And there is nothing else to tell. If I tried, I might lie, and even if I become a rock star, like I said, all stars die. Headstones are small, and there is no difference between me and Angelina Jolie. We will both go to sleep and finally the clouds will clear, but we will be dreaming of other things in our brand new soil soul houses. Maybe we will wait for a visit and a rose, but we are all the same and not one of us knows if there are lights, red or white, at the end of tunnels and the longest nights, if there’s a man in the whitest robe with his sewing kit for the stitching on of wings. Until then, I’m just a girl that makes pictures, swings in the rain, plays guitar and sings when there are no tulips, only pain.

DayMirror Kopie

“I started and am the administrator of a Polaroid group on Facebook called “The Polavoid” at, and I also started an Instagram feature page for only instant photography also called @thepolavoid. I also started @underwaterwednesday on Instagram that features only underwater photography. I am passionate about promoting other photographers doing great work that deserve more recognition, which is why I have started these feature pages. I hate twitter, but I do have one. I am @britts_grimm…

I like typewriters, creepy dolls, I bought a one way ticket to Japan once, but chickened out and moved to LA instead, I worked at the Lomography Gallery Store while I was in LA. I am currently writing a screenplay about a girl who makes her living singing at funerals, cherry blossoms are pretty, I wear mostly pink though I feel mostly black inside, I wanted to be an astronaut until I was twenty years old, I sleep way too much, still wear Mary Janes and skirts instead of shorts, I love lace and really do love unicorns, and when I fly on airplanes, I wish I could jump out and run across the clouds. If you want to know anything else, please feel free to ask. I will try not to lie, but if I do, I will do it very well.”

Polaroids & writing by Britt Grimm ☆ IG: @brittgrimmphotoFacebook

Many thanks!

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