Lisa-Marie Kaspar x Jannina Bender – Auf den Trümmern, das Paradies

lisamariekaspar_aufdentrümmerndasparadies_07 Kopie

This wonderful and with much love for detail, analog photo-series is the result of a collaboration between photographer Lisa-Marie Kaspar and fashion design graduate Jannina Bender – the clothes model Ponny Distakul wears are pieces of Jannina’s graduation collection and were all designed by her. All photos were artfully captured on 120mm film at the Kurhaus in Göggingen nearby Augsburg (Germany). Just scroll down and be enchanted. ☆

lisamariekaspar_aufdentrümmerndasparadies_04 Kopie lisamariekaspar_aufdentrümmerndasparadies_02 lisamariekaspar_aufdentrümmerndasparadies_06 lisamariekaspar_aufdentrümmerndasparadies_01 lisamariekaspar_aufdentrümmerndasparadies_05 Kopie lisamariekaspar_aufdentrümmerndasparadies_03


Photography: Lisa-Marie Kaspar ☆ IG: @lisamarie_lmkFacebook

Model: Ponny Distakul @ the GoodGuys, procast Hamburg, GoldenAgency ☆ IG: @seelenkindFacebook

Designer: Jannina Bender ☆ IG: @jannina_be_Facebook

MUA: Mika LediesFacebook

Styling: Mika Ledies & Jannina Bender

Wardrobe: clothes by Jannina Bender; accessories & shoes model’s own

Also by Lisa-Marie: ‘No School On Sundays’

Thank you!

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