Nadz Banaag – I can see through you

1 (prologue) Kopie

This photo-story by Australian based photographer and filmmaker Nadz Banaag is totally grungy and comes with much flash light. As always there is an authentic vividness combined with something cheeky or casual in his photographs that are entirely shot on film. Hie latest photo-story ‘I can see through you’ was shot for the Liar the Label Summer AU Lookbook. Scroll down and enjoy the whole series, captured on different places at night.

2b Kopie 3a Kopie 3c Kopie 5c Kopie 5a 5e Kopie 6b 5g 8d Kopie 8c 7e Kopie 8e Kopie 7b Kopie 12 - Bts 2 12 - Bts 1 10f 9a Kopie 9b 9d Kopie 11 - bts 3 7d Kopie 11 (epilogue)


Photography: Nadz Banaag IG: @nadzbanaagFacebook

Model: Rhyme Lara ☆ IG: @_rhyme_

HMUA: Amy Chen ☆ IG: @neonfelineaesthetics

Wardrobe: Liar Swimwear, Mr Vintage

Also by Nadz: the photo-series ‘Roam Vintage’


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