Phoebe Jane Barrett – Dreaming

Anna4 Kopie

Wonderfully dreamy and with a surreal, nostalgic appearance come the artworks by the twenty-year-old Polaroid photographer and History Art student Phoebe Jane Barrett. Phoebe is currently situated in Northern England, burdened with a severe case of wanderlust. We hope you will be enchanted as well by looking at her beautiful photographs she took of Anna and Gareth.

“My work recalls energies and spirits from different times, a serene and optimistic world in which love, colour, sunshine and nature are the driving forces. A dreamlike, timeless sense of nostalgia is a key theme within my images. My exposures invoke an idyllic sense of wonder and memory, recalling the ethics and community of libertarian movements. Hazy tones and cinematic posture typify my style and present a world of wonder that is matched by my beliefs and personal spirit.

Since adolescence, I have been afflicted with feelings of isolation and detachment from the world, accompanied by a sensitive and emotional nature, which seem to have only grown stronger with age as my ideas, beliefs and ethics have strengthened. With time and experience, the meeting of like minds, and through music and poetry, I was able to take solace in the knowing that there were in fact others who shared my feelings of aloneness. Through these formative years of inward solitude, periods of deep self-reflection and observation of the earth and the people around me saw me gain an idealistic and romanticised view of how I felt the world ought to be.

Having always relished in past places and times, in music, art, style and ideals, I was naturally attracted to the medium of Polaroid photography due its nostalgic and romantic nature. The ability to instantaneously capture and physically hold in your hand an image with a dreamlike and surrealistic essence enticed and allowed me to portray and convey my vision of a luminous, dreamy, peaceful and loving world. This passion gives me a sense of fulfilment in that it is an outlet, a way to express my thoughts and visions through imagery and connect with others through the evocative nature of my work, without the need for words.”


Anna2 Kopie DoubleExpSubmission2 Anna5 Kopie DoubleExpSubmission3 GarethSubmission2 Anna1 Kopie

Equipment: Polaroid SX-70, Polaroid Spectra, Impossible Project Spectra & 600 Film, Neutral Density Filter


Photography: Phoebe Jane Barrett ☆ IG: @dreamingwild_Etsy

Models: Anna Houghton & Gareth Weston

Many thanks!

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