Chris Scheurich x Ali McNally – Little Sister

LittleSister4.5 Kopie

We are really impressed by the colours, the concept and just the whole look of this photo-series we received from stylist Ali McNally. Photographed by Chris Scheurich and with a vintage-like hair-styling by Michelle Cardoza and makeup by Bianca Hart this series brings you back to a past era in combination with a kinda modern look. Modeled by the sisters Molly and Maggie as well as Maggie’s boyfriend Jude.

“Having shot with Molly previously (for ‘Stay Gold’), we were so enamored with the rapport between the sisters when Maggie came along to the last shoot that we wanted very much to create a story revolving around the pair of them. We shot at a local diner and styled them in a retro, 50’s-60’s way (although with modern clothing) because it only seemed fitting with their characters: modest, sweet, and almost a little throwback in their wholesomeness…they are just an absolute delight to be around and we’ve all become good friends.”


LittleSister1 Kopie LittleSister2 Kopie LittleSister4 Kopie

dresses Lazy Oaf

LittleSister7 Kopie

Jude: t-shirt Calvin Klein; sunglasses Ray-Ban, Maggie: dress House of Holland, Molly: blouse Monki; skirt House of Holland

LittleSister6LittleSister5 LittleSister3 Kopie

dresses Needle & Thread; socks Tabio; shoes School Issue


Photography: Chris Scheurich ☆ IG: @cjs1022

Styling & creative direction: Ali McNally ☆ IG: @neonheartshop

Hairstylist: Michelle Cardoza ☆ IG: @michellejcardoza

MUA: Bianca Hart

Models: Molly, Maggie & Jude

Thank you!

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