Agustín Cibeira – Lucy & Joe

1676443-2 Kopie

We received this expressive and superb, grungy photo-series from Agustín Cibeira who is a 19 years old photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is currently studying to become a movie director.

“My idea for the concept of this series was a mix of trash and grunge – two styles that I love, taken with flash-photography (which I love too and I think the flash in analog photos is the most expressive thing in photography).  The whole series was shot on 35mm film. The models (which are a couple in real life) are the most cool and artistic models I know and they really know how to do their work. They can try all kinds of clothes and make everything seem more expressive than it is, which I think is the right thing a model have to do.”


1676457 Kopie 1676445 1676466 1676456 Kopie 1676465 1676447 Kopie 1676448 Kopie 1676469 1676468 Kopie 1676453 Kopie


Photography: Agustín Cibeira IG: @agustincibeira

Models: Lucy Regué & Joe Vitrano


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