Holy Golden – On Provencal Road

LeslieSchott-Provencal9 Kopie2

“This series is about the loneliness of home. The feeling of being disconnected from the environment you grew up in, but loving it at the same time, because it defines who you become.”

We received this really beautiful photo-story from Leslie Schott who modeled in this series; and together with Andrew Valenti – he took the photos and they are all captured on film – they are the two creatives of their band Holy Golden. Enjoy this series and the writing by Leslie at the end of this post and then you should definitely check out their music – you will find all links below. ☆


LeslieSchott -Provencal8 Kopie LeslieSchott-Provencal-1 LeslieSchottProvencal5 Kopie LeslieSchott -Provencal6 Kopie LeslieSchott-Provencal3 Kopie LeslieSchott-Provencal12 LeslieSchottProvencal11 Kopie

‘They ask her what she is doing here – trespassing into their vacant opulence.
At times, she feels more alien in her own town than the colorful flowers grown in far away countries that the landscapers use to line the wide driveways.
She grew up here. Walked through corridors with marble floors and hid behind secret attic doors. Pathways, manicured lawns, statues, doorbells, closets, and bedrooms –
there would always be some new space to conquer.
A patch of light where she could disappear –
between properties and beyond the unsteady grip of her youth.
And all these walls could not separate her from the invisible doors that kept opening. 
She existed beyond questions and answers.
And though they would attempt to know her –
they would never find the door in her wall, or the sidewalk to the stairs that leads to her room.’


Photography: Andrew Valenti ☆ IG: @thespacecrusader

Conception, editing, styling & text: Leslie Schott ☆ IG: @holygoldenmusic

Model: Leslie Schott

Holy GoldenBandcampYouTube


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