James de Leon – Afterword

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New York City based artist James de Leon takes photos that you keep in mind. You will find his other, sublime photo-story that was featured on G’n’A HERE. This time he took pictures of his friend Annika White who is also a photographer. All photos are captured on 35mm film as usual and in this post awaits you a little, great writing by him as well.

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“Is it possible to be two completely different people at the same time?” the mirror asked. The person in the reflection didn’t respond. Everyone knows the mirror always speaks in illusions. Even when it doesn’t.

I am a walking mirror. I studied the subject’s eyes as they deliberated. If only I was dreaming. Part of me always assumes that I’m never where I should be, noting things no one really needs to notice. The other part claims ownership of the moment, holding it up as a rapturous prize from the all-encompassing present. Blink and the girl in the reflection is something else entirely. Somewhere distant. The best part is I never know whether to follow or turn back the way I came. 


Photography & text: James de Leon ☆ IG: @deleoniaTumblr

Model: Annika White ☆ IG: @annikawhite

Thank you!

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